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Black Caviar
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Cette pièce est dotée d'une taille élastiquée avec un logo flamme personnalisé.

  • String
  • Corps en coton modal
  • Ceinture élastique avec logo en sillicone
  • Corps : 57 % coton, 38 % modal, 5 % élasthanne
  • Lavage en machine à froid, séchage en machine à basse température
  • Importé
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So Speed Racer Thong

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Taille petitTaille impeccableTaille grand
05 avril 2023
Love the combination

I just gotta say I love the combina to in of the thing and the jockstrap not to mention the string to the front are sexy unfortunately for me that's where it fits lose it might be my body but I still love this piece is definitely my favorite so far.

Taille: XS
25 mars 2023
Comfortable and sexy

I feel so good wearing this! It's super soft and makes me confident. I don't know if I like wearing it for myself or my partner more.

Taille: M
29 mai 2023
Flaming Hot Cheeto

I love how it fits my body, i thought at first it was going to be too big but it fits just right. #cozy

Taille: M
05 août 2023

First let me start with the look. The look of this thong was like nothing I have in my collection which instantly made this a must have. Secondly the fit of it couldn't have been any more perfect. I would recommend this thing to anyone interested as a must have.

Taille: L
21 février 2023
Top Their

I was so skeptical at first about purchasing anything from savage Fenty. I just thought it was going to be your regular run of the mill type of intimate. To my surprise the quality and the fit is perfect.

Taille: 3XL