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Navy Blue
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Savage X Thong

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Taille petitTaille impeccableTaille grand
19 septembre 2023
Great comfortable thong.

Very comfy, and looks sexy. 10/10 would recommend.

Taille: L
07 décembre 2021

Very comfy and has god room

Taille: XL
20 avril 2022
Love these thongs!!!!!

First of all, let me say as an avid thong wearer these are heaven-sent. I have bought each color and print that Savage X has to offer as of this date. These thongs are so very comfortable you hardly know that you have them on. I would rate them a 9.5 for two reasons. One I am not a fan of thick waistbands. Part of the reason is an I have a bit of a gut and waistbands like this produce rollage. It's not uncomfortable but you know it's there. Even if I didn't have a gut I still don't think I would own a lot of these types of thongs. The second reason is that these thongs feel somewhat bulky. I don't know why but it just does. Perhaps if they were low rise I might raise the approval rating to a perfect 10. In any event, I am so glad that a black woman such as Rihanna has taken the consideration to include men in her underwear and lingerie line. These undies are made with quality, love, and the acknowledgment that all men are not the same. I sincerely hope that this men's section expands exponentially to include a large array of fabrics and prints. I would love it if this would include sheer, mesh, lace, etc., etc. Definitely more thongs and low rise is a good friend to have. Also worth mentioning are the g and y strings. I see that they are nowhere to be found. And last but certainly not least where are the body and swimsuits? Let's make this a Big Dude Summer for every summer from here on out. Make that a new line of Fenty and call it Sin-A-Buns. Spice is nice.

Taille: XL
01 février 2023
Feels great

Love the style, super sexy!

Taille: L
26 janvier 2023
Probably the best

Not gonna lie, first "male" thong I purchased - absolutely the most comfortable, hugs the booty just right. The waistband it the perfect medium of thickness to hold against your waist. Slayed just slayed, you get the point.

Taille: XS