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Nos slips Savage X sont dotés d'une bande de taille métallique avec le logo Savage X et d'une pochette de contour avant pour un confort tout au long de la journée.

  • Ceinture élastique avec logo métallique
  • Corps : 57% coton, 38% modal, 5% spandex
  • Lavage en machine à froid, cycle délicat avec des couleurs similaires, blanchiment sans chlore uniquement, séchage en machine à basse température.
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Savage X Briefs

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Taille petitTaille impeccableTaille grand
08 septembre 2022
Super comfortable and stylish

Very soft and comfortable pair. My partner says she loves the color of the waistband and wishes there was a women's set that matched. She also says the cut on these highlight my legs and butt and loves when I wear them. I have to agree, these feel and look great to wear!

Taille: M
22 janvier 2023
Amazing !!!!!

The fit is amazing plus they feel good on and it's a really great fit for plus size. RiRi thank you

Taille: 3XL
14 février 2023
Red & short

I'm not a briefs fan but savage fenty makes it worth giving it a try. I like the color,and the stylish waistband and it makes a cool active day more comfortable

Taille: 3XL
04 mars 2023
Love these

I have 30 pairs if these underwear!

Taille: L
13 février 2023
My Favorite Everydays

This pair of briefs is my personal favorite for that everyday comfort. The fit is perfect, not too much fabric but not too little either. I really enjoy the higher rise brief cut and like how much mobility these allow me; great for lounging but also great for working out, truly versatile. My only complaint is that I wish they came in a bunch more colors! I also personally think this pouch has been improved but could use just a little more room, I do tend to feel like my b*lls leave NO space. They fit great under jeans OR joggers, and the waistband looks super nice peaking out. Highly recommend!

Taille: 2XL